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                      This is About New Android version

Android P is out by Google but it’s a Developers Preview. Developer preview means app developer can now develop their apps according to this preview for future.

We normal users can also install it but it is risky and it is in beta mode, so I don’t recommend doing so. It is not for us. It is released for the pixels series which is of Google.

Name of the flavor and version of this Preview is not still out. So we can only guess what it name would be.

Android p comes with some new feature which will make this version more impressive than previous one.

List of features:

1.Indoor positioning: Indoor refers to inside where the GPS doesn’t work properly. Google made it clear that we would use GPS more accurately in indoors by upcoming update. This would possible through Wi-Fi RTT (Round-Trip-time) .

Explaining RTT – your location is been detected by the signal which is coming from the nearest source the distance between the source and destination. And then developer would providing the coordinates to maps then your location would be accurately know to apps.

Examples:     1. if you are in basement of huge mall how to find way to go outside.

                  2. You are in big shopping complex and want to know where which                                product has been placed so you can save your time.

2.All new Notification panel:
1.Now in notification you can see the photos and stickers which your contact has           sent you. Earlier in notification we were seeing “sent you the photo”.

2. Even you can reply to person through notification automatically

3. And there would be reference of old message that what you have sent the person   and what reply has came from other side.

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3.The Notch support: Most of the Android manufacturer are following the Iphones notch willing to make their phones look like the Iphone x so Google had made this version the notch supportive so any phone which have small notch or the big one they can set there layout easily.

4.Multi camera support: You would be thinking we are using multi camera so what’s new in that?

There is always a But!!

Now the phones are coming with 4 cameras which have 2 rear and 2 in front but we are using One at a time .

Google had now made possible using multiple cameras at same time. Like which Nokia had which had called as Bothie.

Like if you want to take 1 rear camera shot and in other one you want selfie to be taken so its now possible same at a time both camera would take shots.

And Even third party apps camera would take good photos in this new version.

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5.More secured Your Privacy: Now apps which are running in Background would not able to collect any ones information photos and videos. And even they could be restricted to use microphones

In the previous year many companies were collecting data of users . so these time Google is been strict for the users data.

And even there would be secured fingerprint scanner to open the apps and know you can open apps through fingerprint scanner but this pop up would come through your android not by app so compromise of fingerprint scanner would not happen.

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