Data privacy is big topic in Today’s world

The news which is trending these days is about Facebook.
There is always news about Firm’s which are collecting data of their user’s last year it was oneplus and Uc Browser.

But this time our favorite Facebook has done something which is wrong. Fact that Facebook always keep on eye us can’t be ignored.

Brain Acton Cofounder of WhatsApp Just tweeted #DeleteFacebook

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But WHY?

WhatsApp which was been sold to Facebook for 19$billion the main aim of Facebook was to collect user data and to have large database.

Acton left Company in year 2017 and started his own non-profit firm. But on 21mar he tweeted against Facebook reason for this tweet is Facebook data was been compromised with Cambridge Analytica.

What is Cambridge Analytica?

Cambridge Analytica is voter Profiling Company Which take care of work to be done of Political parties and guide them. Means where to rallies to be done and which audience, which state more needed to be looked to gain more and more vote.

This Firm has played vital role In the Victory of Donald Trump. They are not even collecting users data but even they are modifying it and presenting it in there favour.

This News has affected Facebook a lot. Facebook’s shares has been drop by 10%.

About 50 millionusers data has been Exploited.

Cambridge Chief executive Alexander Nix had been suspended for while.

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Earlier Zukerberg Refused to Answers many question. And Facebook has been asked to provide report what exactly had happen by US congress and British Parliament.

This is not first time Facebook is facing such issue earlier in 2009 In china it was been used as medium of spreading violence So china banned Facebook in their Country.

Country like Iran, Tajikstain and North Korea had banned Facebook Completely.

Facebook is been banned in many countries for short period of time Because people were misusing it for time or sometime Facebook was not able to control bad stuff which was being viral.

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