Galaxy s9

                SAMSUNG’s GALAXY S9 and S9+!!!!

AS u know Samsung s series which is been launched worldwide is now available.
This time they have listened there users feedback and done changes according to it.
Other big tech giants have to learn from Samsung about how they interact with their customers listen to feedback and work on them.

What to know about s9 and s9+ before Buying?

These time Samsung had focused on Cameras even they had said in launch this phone will “reinvent the camera”.

Samsung had placed the fingerprint scanner just below the camera because in S8 it was bit difficult in initial days of using one had to search for fingerprint scanner.

Even the processor upgradation has happened.

Samsung had launched this smartphone in different colors like Coral blue ,Midnight Black, lilac Purple.

Ar Emoji is also key feature which makes emoji according to your looks .
Its read your face and let emoji work according to your movements.


S9 has 5.8 inch screen and S9+ has 6.2 inch screen continuing the last model design it comes with infinity display but this time the bezels are more thinner on sides.

S9 comes with single Camera and S9+ with dual Camera for the first time.
Camera aperture for S9 is 1.5 and 2.4 for primary camera and for S9+ dual lens one camera with 1.5 and other with 2.4.

Processor is of snapdragon 845 and in some counties like INDIA it will come with Exynos 9810

This aperture will help you to take good photos even in Low light.
And even you can record the slow motion 960 frame per second which is a big thing.


What is the price of S9 and S9+?

For India : S9 57,900 and S9+ 65100

For Usa : S9 $790 and S9+ $840

For Europe: S9

849 and S9+ 999

You can buy from Here :

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