Games Invented in India

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Do you know which Games were invented in India??

List’s of games:

1. Chess – Chess is believed that it was originated in Eastern India. In 6th century was known as chaturanga which is a Sanskrit word. Its was spread in world through Silk road. It had many names in the world like chatrang ,shatranj and atlast it was given English word Check and chess.

2. Kabaddi – kabaddi originated from India Tamil nadu, kabaddi word is derived by tamil word Kai-pidi which means ‘hold-hands’. Kabaddi was well known to world in 1936 berlin Olympics. Till now six world cup’s is held for kabaddi India had won the wolrd cup’s.

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3. Badminton – Badminton was developed in mid 19th century among the British as variant of the earlier game of battledore and shuttlecock (battledore means racquet). Early in 18th century this game was known as poona after the garrison town of pune.

4. Ludo – ludo was known as pachisi in ancient India ,pachisi was orinated in 6th century in India . pachisi was modified to use cube die with dice cup and patented as ‘ludo’ in England in 1896.

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5. Snooker– snooker origin was in India in later half of 19th century. In 1870 billards was popular sports in British army who were placed in India for duties. Snooker have combined rule of two billards games pyramid and life pool.

6. Snakes and ladder – It was invented in India as a part of Family of dice board games that include two games gyan chauper and pachisi. In ancient India it was known as Moksha patam .which was based on karma. This game too made way to England and they named it as Snakes and Ladder.

7. Kho Kho– kho word is derived by Sanskrit verb root syu means ‘get up go’ invented in India .played by many south aisan country’s .India , Pakistan, Nepal, thailand, Bangladesh and even japan plays it.

8. Carrom – The origins of carrom is believed to have originated from India. Carrom was invented by Indian Maharajas. Evidence is still found in one palaces in Patiala India. It is a strike and pocket table top game.

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