Have you ever thought how your favorite messaging app makes money.

Do you know WhatsApp was been developed for just for status updating application so it was named as WhatsApp . later in 2.0 version WhatsApp added feature of texting instantly only to those who have same app installed in there smartphones.

WhatsApp founder where ex-employee of yahoo .who were once rejected by facebook. But the real question is how WhatsApp make money??

App usually earns from the ads which is been shown to user when user is using the app but WhatsApp never shows ads . even there policy says  that they will never show ads. WhatsApp blog contains a article where it is mentioned that they hate ads so same people would also hate ads.

Earlier WhatsApp was making some money by making user pay for $1 as annual fee .

but in Jan 2016 WhatsApp stopped charging annual fee.
WhatsApp aim was to built huge database with adding more user to it.on feb 1 2016 WhatsApp made 1billion customer which means huge database of users.

Goal was simple first build network strong and then earn from network.

According to new terms and policy facebook is using all the data of WhatsApp users .with these data facebook  give’s targeted ads to users which user was been searching but user will get these ads on facebook. WhatsApp plays vital role init it help facebook to give those targeted ads more accurately to specific user.

Its works according to the users behavior. user has more contact in which field,user belong ,what user wants by looking users age ,users work ,user activites.

This was reason why facebook buyed WhatsApp at $19billion in 2014. Facebook was thinking of future.

WhatsApp doesn’t have any product to sale  WhatsApp is using us as a product.
And by showing ads on facebook more and more times letting people to invest on what they were searching for.

In feb 2017 WhatsApp made 200 million user from India .WhatsApp is banned in china so biggest market of WhatsApp is India .

WhatsApp has now started WhatsApp business where users can directly contact with firm just texting to them and firms will provide services through WhatsApp.

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