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    Future‘s “Fifth mode of transport” The HYPERLOOP – Elon Musk

Govt. of Maharashtra (A State of India) had made deal with Virgin Group at Magnetic Maharashtra summit of making Hyperloop between Mumbai to Pune through Navi-mumbai International airport.

The main aim of Hyperloop is to cover 150km between Mumbai-Pune in just 25min. which is usually takes more than 3 hour.


What is Hyperloop?

Hyperloop is proposed system where people would travel in pods (capsule shaped structure which open on both side) at very high speed which will be inside a tube which is been pumped at nearest level of vacuum.


This pods will travel through tube with the help of magnetic levitation technology.
Magnetic levitation is nothing very big concept we have studied in schools , we know that magnet have two poles positive and negative. Opposite poles attracts each other and same poles repels each other this repulsive techniques is used train where it is called Magnetic Levitation.


Or The second thought is of using air caster ‘skis’ technique. Which is used normally on air hockey table. Applying less force would lead the pods to get high speed in tunnel with less friction.
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This idea came in trend in 2012 by Elon Musk (Founder of paypal, Tesla, spaceX). He told that this system would have speed twice of Airplanes.On May 12th 2017 At Nevada,USA successful test was been done of Hyperloop One.
In India the route of Mumbai-Pune Hyperloop will cost around 20,000 CRORE.

This project will make Maharashtra as a Transportation Hub. Founder of Virgin Group’s said This Hyperloop will carry 150million passenger per year. Saving more 90million Hours of travel time. And will reduce greenhouse effect 15,000tons year.

This is possible because the power which is used in Hyperloop will be very less and will be taken from solar panels which would we fitted on Hyperloop itself. So Hyperloop is best way of transportation.
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