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Looking for the best mobile games that you will enjoy with friends and family, So your search ends here In this blog you will find the Most popular mobile game in India to play with Family.

In these tough times, all you have to do is to stay at home and Pray for the best.

People are doing work from home, students are doing there coaching online all are busy with some work.

But You can’t always just work, study or cook sometimes you need to enjoy the moment so gaming is the best idea to relax or to be free from stress.

But Once in a while Gaming alone can be boring so family and friends come in the picture where you will compete with them, talk with them make some good strategy.

So Below is a list of family games to play at home online. These are the most popular mobile game in India and the whole world too.

List Of Mobile Games

8) Carrom Pool

Carrom Pool is the digital version of the popular board game in which you are playing with your family.

Easy Rules, Easy Play, and Most important a Multiplayer game

Carrom and as we all know, carrom can be played by four players at a time.

Carrom Pool is one of the most popular games in India.

7) FIFA Soccer

Electronics Arts presented the FIFA game and the mobile version is named FIFA soccer is one of the most popular mobile game in India.

These Games come with 650 World tour events which are all-new.

FIFA soccer games allow you to play in a multiplayer game in 11vs11 participants in real-time.

This feature is unique in itself FIFA soccer is famous worldwide so people from other parts of the world are active on it.

6) Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty game has ruled the spot of most popular games over the previous two decades.

And now it also available on your mobile and call of duty comes among the most popular mobile game in India.

You will part of it with 99others so this a multiplayer game too.

This game comes in different modes, sniper vs. sniper, battle royale deathmatch, and many more.

Call of Duty: Mobile is even popular This game is available on Android IOS Both.

5) Clash of Clans

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Clash of Clans is a highly popular game among youngster and you will be shocked by that this game played by a huge no of females too.

Rules are simple build your clan then train your troops(a kind of militants and many things in it).

And you get golds, Darl Elixir, Elixir many more things when you attack other players (Enemy).


Clash of clan is a game to play with family too, Once you add your friends and family in the group you can plan and attack anyone.

This Game is available On IOS and Android too at free of cost

4) UNO

UNO is the best board game to play with family but you can also play UNO board games on mobile.

Yes, you read right these epic game of colors is available on mobile.

Which you can share and play with friends family and you lovable.

First, choose the local multiplayer, and then You have to make room of 4players or 6Players and add your family members in it.

A UNO has a total of 108Cards in which 24 are Action Cards 76 are Number cards and 8 are Wild Cards.

UNO cards four sets which come with a unique color which is Blue, Yellow, Green, and Red.

UNO is available on Android and IOS both for free

3) 8 Ball Pool

The pool is a simple game nothing more complex basic rule of the pool is to pot the ball in the pocket

But there are two types of ball Solids and Stripes both come with 8 balls whichever ball is potted First by you or from your opponent that set belong that player.

You have to pot all the ball whichever you are Stripes or Solids and there is a black ball you to pot that ball in the last.

If its pot earlier then the player who potted it in the pocket will be looser.

This game is now available on mobile which is very easy to play, So go now and challenge your family members via Facebook.

8 Ball pool is also available on Android and IOS.

2) PUBG Mobile

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PUBG – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
The online world has seen an explosion in online gaming after the PUBG released.

No Doubt PUBG is a Most popular mobile game in India among youths.

Online gaming has never seen such craziness for any game which PUBG has Faced.

Rules for the game is to survive till the last player is not killed by you or your teammates.

You can join a match alone with friends or also with Family people, shoots the other player in the game be in the safe zone.

PUBG Mobile is available on Android and IOS both for free.

1) Ludo King

Ludo is the best board game to play with family, Ludo is a kind of traditional game that Indian play from there childhood.

Every Indian has somewhere in life that has played Ludo with friends or family. This game is at the top of our list of the most popular mobile game in India.

You have to play Ludo with 2, 3 or 4 players, In Clockwise player take the turns.

Always a dice is thrown with number 6 game is been started by each player, then every time you play the dice you have to move strategically or else you can lose the game

Ludo is available for free on Android and IOS download it enjoys with family

This is the games to play with family at home

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