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Hi People, this blog is about the IPL stats here you will get an idea about who has scored most runs in ipl , who has taken most wickets in ipl , who has hit most sixes in ipl and many more IPL stats

These records are present as of now in April 2020 in the future it might be changed.

But sitblogs-somethingistrending will always try to update things very fast and will keep you updated.

So from here, you will get the list of people who have given their best in IPL – Indian Premier League

Below is the list of Most no of..

Players Who Scored Most Runs in IPL

Most Runs in IPL something is trending sitblogs

Players Who took Most Wickets in IPL

most wickets in ipl something is trending sitblogs

Players with Most Centuries in IPL 

Most Centuries in IPL something is trending sitblogs

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Players who hit Most sixes in IPL

Most sixes in IPL something is trending sitblogs

Players who hit Most Fours in IPL

Most Fours in IPL sitblogs somethingistrending


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