This city will run out of water by April!!!

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Cape Town is a coastal city in South Africa . it’s a second most populated city of the nation . Famous for its Tourist destination could be famous in future for first city which will run out of water.

On 21st  april city will turn off taps cause there will be no water in city this day is been called  ’DAY ZERO’.

Later date has been moved to 12thapril. After these days people would be standing in queue for water said by their officials.

But why city will run out of water??  Why people will be in queue.

Three years of constant Drought had made this situation. From last 3 years rainfall is been recorded as lowest and large consumption of water by people ignoring the fact that they have less water made this situation. City biggest dam voelvlei has only 20% water in it , this dam has gone to its lowest point and within three weeks it will be Dry.

Theewaterkloof Dam Drinking water is supplied to Capetown

Car wash and filling  swimming pool is been banned .water supply pressure has been reduced to avoid leakage and getting overflow.

Four million people are said to use 19 gallons of water (87 liters) a Day.

In February this was made to 25 lit per person.

Meanwhile Indian Crikcet team were told to shower only for 2 minutes or less.

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According to Climate experts of Africa there will be good rainfall these year but these will not solve the problem. A country which serves 2 million tourist is now going to loose its tourist .

This drought has affected people health to typhoid patients have increased year by year. People given instructions how to fight with this  situation.

Seeing Situation like Cape Town world should take some serious steps for Conservation of water

Do you ever thought If your city would have no water what will you do ? how things  gonna work for u? your aim of making money would be transformed into collecting water for a day!!

Hope Cape Town would not run out of water!!.

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