Why Union Territories were formed? Why they are not states? Think!!!

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                        All ABOUT UNION TERRITORIES

India has population of 1.3billion people and it is most populous democracy of world. India has 29 states and 7 union territories.
But have you thought why these union territories were made? And why they are not similar to state.

Want the answer so read this article because each territory has its own story and you will be interested each one of them and even I will tell best place to visit here.

First know the difference in state and Union Territories. States have their own government where all decisions made by state government. But in Union Territories it is governed by central Govt. But Union Territories have rights to have their own election and ruled by them like (Delhi and Pondicherry).

List of Union Territories and place to travel there :

1. DELHI: As Delhi is capital of India and the houses of central government are here like Prime Minister, President, Parliament and Supreme Court. So ruling party never wants to share it with state govt. or anybody and central have more power in Delhi.

Places to visit:

  1.Humayun’s Tomb         2. Lodhi Garden                  3. Bahai Lotus Temple

2. CHANDIGARH: Reason for Chandigarh to be union territory is its location is on border of Punjab and Haryana border before partition Punjab was having Lahore as capital but later it became part of Pakistan and Chandigarh was having growth after partition in 1966 Haryana was been formed and they were claiming for it because they were not having any developing Town so central govt. made it union territory by avoiding any conflict.
Places to visit:

       1.Rock garden      2.Rose garden                  3. Sukhna lake

3. LAKSHADWEEP: On 1 Nov 1956 during the reorganization of states .These islands were separated by Madras for administrative purpose like keeping eye on shipping lane. These territories were called Laccadive, Minicoy and Amindivi Islands in 1973 they adopted name as Lakshadweep which means thousands of islands.

Places to visit:

  1.Minicoy                            2. Kavaratti                        3.Kadmat island

4. DAMAN and DIU: India got freedom in 1947 from British but Goa was been acquired by Portuguese so India was been fighting with Portuguese and in 1961 India taken the command of Goa which also included Daman and Diu, Dadra and Nagar Haveli because they too were ruled by Portuguese.

Till 1987 Goa moved to be a state Daman and Diu was declared as separate Union territory. Daman and Diu has almost 645 km distance between them.

Places to visit:

  1. Fort Diu                     2. Gangeshwar Temple           3. St. Paul’s Church


5. DADRA AND NAGAR HAVELI: When Dadra and Nagar Haveli were acquired by India it was sharing boundaries with Gujarat and Maharashtra so govt. decided to keep it with them. Silvassa was been named as capital.

Places to visit:

    1.Dudhni lake                    2.Nakshatra Garden          3. Swaminarayan Temple

6. ANDAMAN and NICOBAR islands: In 1947 India got Independence and in 1948 Burma so while British was leaving these nations their intention was to resettle Anglo-Indians and Anglo-Burmese to form their own nation. But they failed and in 1950 it became part of India. And was declared as Union Territory reason was to keep eye on Bay of Bengal and make Indian Defense strong.

Place to visit :

       1.Ross island                      2.Cellular Jail                 3.Radhanagar Beach

7. PUDUCHERRY(Pondicherry): On 1st nov 1954 French completely transferred all their territory to republic of India .In 1962 three more region were added to it . But the people living in Pondicherry were mostly following French traditional and even after living of French administrator’s most people adopted French as religion and they never wanted to be part of neighbor states .So it was made a union Territory.

Places to visit:

1.Rock Beach                2.Seaside Promenade                   3. Paradise Beach

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